rocks cligga chopping board Perrans Above

Rocks Cligga ~ Glass Chopping Board


Add a personal touch to your dining table with our beautiful glass chopping boards featuring aerial views of Cornwall.


The Story: This photo was taken at sunset on the 23rd of January 2021, looking straight down 'between the toes' of Cligga Head.

Cligga is such a dramatic headland: while the cliffs to the South are breathtaking, on the Westerly point rows of miners path lead down to these rocks.

I love the shapes the water is making as it swirls over the rocks.

Photographer: Jamie Turnbull

Product Information:
  • Availability: Currently only available in the UK.
  • Sizing: Chopping Boards are rectangular and measure 15" x 11" / 38 x 28 cm.
  • Printing: Chopping boards have a crystal-clear top with a high quality picture underneath.
  • Manufacture: Each chopping board is individually hand made to order from toughened (heat proof and scratch resistant) glass with a non-slip base. Please allow 2 working days for your order to be made.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only.
  • Delivery: Free UK delivery. Please allow 5 working days for your order to be delivered.